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Turnamatic utilizes cutting-edge CNC technology enabling us to work in a wide range of materials from various plastics to titanium. We deploy state-of-the-art CNC machine tools capable of meeting the stringent demands of various industries and offer a variety of manufacturing processes to meet your needs.

Metalworking CNC milling machine.

Vertical Machining

  • 3 & 4 Axis Vertical Machining
  • Up to 165″ x 86″ x 53″ Axis Travel
  • Right Angle and Universal Head Attachments
  • 5C Collett and 24″ Rotary CNC 4th Axis Tables

5 Axis Machining

  • Multi-face Machining and Contouring
  • X, Y, Z, B and C Axis Positioning
  • Glass Scales for Accuracy
  • Machine Travel 32″ x 29″ 19″
  • High Speed Spindle

Horizontal Machining

  • 4 Axis Horizontal Machining
  • Up to 49″ x 39″ x 33″ Axis Travel
  • Full 4th Axis Angle Positioning
  • Automatic Pallet Changers for Continuous Production

Lathe Turning & Swiss Machining

  • 7 Axis Swiss Lathe with Dual Spindles
  • Cross Machining with Live Tooling
  • 3/4″ Stock Capacity on Swiss Lathe
  • 8″ Stock Capacity on CNC Lathe

Electrical Discharge Machining

  • Wire EDMs with Travel Up to 19″ x 13″ x 16″
  • Utilize X, Y, / U, V Paths for Drafted Profiles
  • Automatic Wire Cutting and Threading for Unmanned Operation

Assembly & Part Marking

  • Ultrasonic Insert Installation
  • Pneumatic Installation of Screw Thread Inserts
  • Dowel Pin Installation with Precision Press
  • South-Co© and PEM© Insert Installation
  • Bubble Jet Ink Part Marking and Serialization

CMM Inspection

  • Zeiss® CMM with VAST® Scanning Technology
  • Part Capacities Up to 94″ x 35″ x 25″
  • Direct Programming From Customer Supplier CAD Data
  • Electronic Data is Available for Process Analysis
  • Temperature Controlled Inspection Area